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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2009

10.00 (excellent) I love this anime, it's my fav~
The only minus with it is the fillers, but I love the currently filler :D
Love most of the characters too. the design, and how they are :') (even though it is some ugly ones too, lol)

I look forward to every wednesday just to watch bleach :o

Death Note

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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2009

9.25 (very good) First anime I ever watched! Even though I never got done watching, I really have to finish watching soon XD
But I really love Death Note, great history :D

little OT, but I have two dvds from Death Note (with real people) but I haven't watch them yet, can't wait to do that! :)


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2009

9.75 (excellent) Kuroshitsuji is my second favorite anime!
I love most of the characters.
I'm going to read the manga soon, I've just finished off the anime.
I think it ended sad ;_; but I'm really looking forward to the second season, can't wait!!

Soul Eater

Seen: first

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2009

8.00 (good) I haven't watch that much of this anime, but I like it! I'm going to watch more, I think I'm going to love it, actually :')

going to watch more soon! :D

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